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Anglican Communion Covenant

10 Years of Covenant

Our beloved blog turns 10 today. Please lift a glass and celebrate with us!

Catholicity, apostolicity: Come on down

What does it mean for Anglicans to profess reformed catholicity in a visible communion across great stretches of geography and culture, and how can we seek and serve one another faithfully?

Structure Debates Covenant

Dean Neal Michell: “At the heart of our Communion is relationship.”

12th Covenant Affirmation

The Anglican Church of Melanesia adopted the Anglican Communion Covenant in November.

Sudan Adopts Covenant

Canon Alyson Barnett-Cowan informs the Anglican Communion’s Standing Committee of Sudanese Anglicans adopting the Covenant.

Yes to Covenant, Pastoral Care

The Anglican Church of Southern Africa has adopted the Covenant and urged completion of pastoral-care guidelines for same-sex couples.

Hong Kong Adopts Covenant

The Hong Kong Anglican Church joins six other provinces in accepting the proposed agreement.

Bowdlerized Catholicism

If “No Covenant,” what? How do Anglicans express a sound doctrine of the Church without competent instruments of unity?

Scotland: No to Covenant

Archbishop David Chillingworth: “We invoke the history of Samuel Seabury, consecrated in 1784 by the Scottish bishops as the first bishop of the church in the United States of America.”

Anglicanism’s Big Island

By John Martin Is the Church of England an island of or an island off Anglicanism?


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