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all saints

The Communion of Saints

As we have approached Allhallowtide this year, I've been rather mindful of mortality: my own, my loved ones', and others around me. There are...

I Want to Be One Too: On All Saints’ Day

By Jean McCurdy Meade  For all the Saints who from their labors rest. (Hymnal 287) I sing a song of the saints of God (Hymnal 293) O...

For All the Saints

Their bodies were buried in peace, and their name lives to all generations. Peoples will declare their wisdom, and the congregation proclaims their praise....

This All Saints’ Day, Return to In-Person Worship

By Charles Bennison At St. Luke’s, Atlanta, three decades ago, the 11 a.m. Sunday Eucharist had a largely-suburban television audience of 25,000, with 700 actually...

We Believe: The Church Makes the Saints

I have been carried by the communal faith of the Church when my heart has been cold or numb.

Saints with a Capital S

Our heroes are the saints — from the well-known, like St. Mary the Virgin or St. Francis, to the more obscure, like St. Sebastian or St. Lucy.

10 Weird Facts about the Saints

Even the weirdest saint is someone close to God, which is ultimately where we are all called to be.

Why we need the saints

I was rescued by a saint — Saint Francis of Assisi, to be specific — a saint who has saved many damaged souls before me and will yet save many more to come.

Facing death with Christian hope

If Jesus died was raised to life, then something akin to overturning the law of gravity has been unleashed.

Among the faithful departed: Prince Rogers Nelson (1958-2016)

A rad musical and theological tribute from Christopher Wells, with equal parts prayer and thanksgiving.


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