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Is Mary of Magdala the Patron Saint of Alcoholics?

For those who are alcoholics and for their families, rum and all its siblings are truly “demons” which take over the minds, consciences, and very lives of those they possess.

Another Angle on Cradles

The question is whether we can learn to use religious language as a form of self-emptying, not self-justification.

Cradle Episcopalians: Who Cares?

When people tell me that they are Cradle Episcopalians, I want to tell them that I am a Trailer Episcopalian to signal that I don’t give a damn.

Committee Discusses Addiction

Bishop Mark Hollingsworth: “There’s a difficult line in the church between disease and sin.”

Convention’s Bars Stay Open

General Convention’s presiding officers said Tuesday they would not push to change its culture of social drinking.

Change and Transformation

Bishop Jim Mathes: “I should let voicemail do the work while driving and let driving be my singular work.”


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