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The East African Revival at 95

At the onset of the New Year, I attended a meeting of the East Africa Revival Movement at the open grounds of Bishop James...

Discerning New Anglican Identities in the Anglican Church of Kenya

By Joseph Wandera Decades of conflict within the global Anglican family are contributing to shifting Anglican identities. A recent virtual meeting of the Anglican Church of...

Beyond Lambeth 2022: Possibilities and Limits

  By Joseph Wandera The Lambeth Conference is a gathering of the Anglican Communion’s bishops, involving around 650 bishops from over 40 countries for consultation and...

Encountering Each Other in the Anglican Communion

By Joseph Wandera Did not our hearts burn within us, while he talked to us on the way, while he opened to us the Scripture? —...

Lambeth 2020 and African Anglicanism

Before and at Lambeth 2020, Global North Anglicans need to listen hard and speak carefully about African Anglicanism. New research helps people do just that

Climate justice: insights from African Anglican theologians

We see an interweaving of three of our five Marks of Mission, when we consider deeply not just climate change, but climate justice, and when we learn from the voices of our brothers and sisters in the global south.


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