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Introducing Coleridge

A new monthly column on theology and the arts. By Ben Lima After having studied the arts for many years from within a more or less...

In Praise of Unspiritual Things

By Samuel Keyes Pondering the recent commemoration of St. Dominic, I came across this little gem from the 19th century Anglo-Catholic leader Stewart Headlam: If it...

Degrees of Beauty

Visible and audible beauty is not a gratuitous irradiation of a prior and more central value, but rather adheres directly to the material objects because of their form and color.

Liturgy doesn’t ‘mean’ anything: It is something

A very common question is some variation of "What does this or that ceremony or action mean?" It expresses a false assumption.

10 tips for domestic beauty

If beauty will save the world, how do we participate in it? 10 tips.

A unity around beauty

A common appreciation for the aesthetic of liturgy seems to be the one commonality that progressives and conservatives share in North American Anglicanism.

Bad art and the Church

I am somewhat surprised to find myself defending the use of “bad” art, at least in religious settings, and I should admit from the beginning that I write in partial hope of persuading myself in the wake of Trinity Sunday, when we’ve realized the degree to which our conceptions fail to grasp the mystery of God’s being.

On Beauty

The earth is full of the goodness of the Lord. Surely in that verse we can see something of the vision of Isabella Stewart Gardner.


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