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Gregory the Great on Compassion and Contemplation

What is the relationship between pastoral ministry and the Christian vocation of contemplation?

The Word, Given to Death

Toward the end of Luke's Gospel, we find Jesus running urgently toward Jerusalem for his triumph and betrayal.

An engineer looks at prayer: God at the center

I have been released from the pressure of treating prayer like an engineer getting stuff done.

An engineer looks at prayer: ‘Getting stuff done’

As an engineer I tended to view prayer as another way to make and/or fix stuff.

John and Peter, patterns of holy life

Jesus’ words in the Gospel today reveal how Peter and John would die, but also how the disciples provided patterns for two different states of life: the active and contemplative.

The Authentic Samuel Johnson

Why teenagers might connect with the acclaimed 18th-century man of letters. • By David Hein


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