The Rev. Dr. Zachary Guiliano joined the staff of the Living Church Foundation in July 2014 as editor of its weblog Covenant, and was promoted to Associate Editor in April 2016. He is a deacon of the Church of England, serving a curacy at St. Bene’t’s Church, Cambridge.

He recently finished his Ph.D. at the University of Cambridge as a Gates Cambridge Scholar, where he studied the history and early manuscripts of the homiliary of Paul the Deacon. This collection of patristic sermons was among the most widely used books of the Middle Ages. His book on the topic, The homiliary of Paul the Deacon: Manuscripts, sources, theology, and use, is slated for publication in 2017.

Zachary earned his B.A. in Biblical Studies at Evangel University and his M.Div. at Harvard Divinity School.  While his academic work focuses on the reception history of patristic exegesis, his interests and publications range widely in church history, palaeography, ecumenism, and contemporary Anglican theology. He is co-editor of two volumes in the series Studies in Episcopal and Anglican Theology. An erstwhile gamer, he enjoys singing, cycling, and breadmaking in his ever diminishing spare time.