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Life, Liturgy, and Live Music with Leila Way and Ryan Flanigan

Episode 127 • 13th June 2024 • The Living Church Podcast • The Living Church

Today we’ve got live music in the studio, reminding us of God’s faithfulness in conflict and pain, and why beauty, the arts, and artists are so vital to and for the Church.

Singer-songwriters Leila Way and Ryan Flanigan join us from Resurrection South Austin to play some new tunes for us and talk about the intersections of music with church life, family life, and life with God.

Between sets we’ll chat about the stories behind the songs, and about what art might teach ministry, especially about inviting others into the pain and the gift of faith in Christ.

Leila Way is a songwriter in Austin, Texas, writing and recording songs for the Church. She likes to set Scripture and heartfelt prayers to music.

Ryan Flanigan serves as music director at Resurrection Church South Austin and as theological artist-in-residence at Baylor University. Ryan is also the founder of Liturgical Folk, which seeks to create beautiful and believable sacred music for the Church and the world.

Leila’s songs are from her new album, You Don’t Carry It Alone, and Ryan’s are from his new collaboration with musician Jon Guerra, Three Gifts.

Set list:

  • “You Don’t Carry It Alone” – Leila
  • “Walking On” – Leila
  • “Faith” – Ryan
  • “Hope” – Ryan
  • “Prayer for Unity” – Leila
  • “Be Still My Soul” – Ryan and Leila

We hope you enjoy the conversation, and the music.

Special thanks to Michael Way and Resurrection South Austin for their technical assistance on this episode.

Read Ryan’s interview with Leila.

Visit Leila’s website.

Visit Ryan’s website.


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