Bonaventure at 800

Douglas Dales shows how St. Bonaventure’s commentary is indebted to both the Franciscan tradition and patristic exegesis.

An Enormous Range of Sources

Although this study begins in 1533, special prayers for specific national concerns predated the 16th-century Reformation; a litany of medieval examples is easily found.

Exploring the Essentials

Matt Holcombe: “If we look at the ministry of Jesus, there were always new practices that Jesus was inviting the disciples into.”

To Our Donors: Thank You

From all of us at the Living Church Foundation, thank you for your generous support, which sustains our ministry.

Saving Emmanuel Church

Chief ranger Barry Smith: “People don’t understand how this church really broke the norms for that time.”

New: 3/24 TLC Online

In the cover essay for this edition, Bishop Daniel H. Martins writes about Lenten disciplines.