Grace and Daily Life

This book is a memoir and yet doubles as a devotional, especially for mothers and wives who fret about the day-to-day messiness of their lives.

Smyth Scandal Rumbles On

John Smyth, a lawyer alleged to have beaten boys from elite English schools who attended evangelical summer camps, has died of heart failure in Cape Town.

Southwest Pilot Becomes a Deacon

Rebecca Sparks: “Essentially a deacon is the best place to be because you’re the one trying to get the church out into the world and get the world into the church.”

Freedom and Popular Culture

R.R. Reno worries that an American dream of unbounded liberty lets us distort created reality and cruelly neglect those whose “destinies were largely fixed at birth.”

‘Not a Beat Skipped’

The Rev. Canon E. Mark Stevenson is confident he has left Episcopal Migration Ministries in good hands.

Abp. Makgoba Praises Buthelezi

“Today we celebrate your life as a faithful Anglican, as a lay minister, … as a representative of your diocese to the province, and of the province to the wider Anglican Communion.”