Episcopal Membership Continues to Decline

Membership and attendance continued to decline in the Episcopal Church, according to results from the 2018 parochial reports that each congregation is supposed to file yearly. Plate and pledge income was roughly flat compared to 2017.

Rest in Peace: Rise in Glory

Remembering a long-time Episcopal school headmaster, the founder of the Dominican Development Group and a diocesan lay leader in New Jersey who was also "an aggressive collector of meaningless items."

Even for the simplest of websites, there are a lot of things to consider. Start small, and when someone says “you should include such-and-such in the new website,” here are two possible responses: “That’s on the list for version 2.0,” and “Welcome to the website committee!”

9/8 Readings: Humanity Truly Humane

Do we not owe love to our mothers? What do we owe our fathers and brother and sisters? The secret and deep love owed to them is never quite achieved. Difficulties and tensions infect family life, even when love is naturally deep and strong.