Province IV Bishops to Discuss S.C. Deeds

From the Diocese of South CarolinaDear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,Yesterday, December 5, the Rt. Rev. Clifton Daniel, acting as Vice President of Province IV of The Episcopal Church, contacted Bishop Lawren... Read more...

Eyewitness: Finding Peace amid Terrorism

By Francis OmondiClouds of fear brood over Garissa in the northeastern province of Kenya. For residents of Garissa the reality of terrorism struck home on the night of Nov. 24. My colleague at the clinic though... Read more...

Bishops Seek Meeting with Bp. Lawrence

“Since we [bishops of Province IV] have had no direct communication from you regarding these reported actions, we determined that it is our duty as bishops of this province to address these concerns in direct communication with you, as Jesus exhorts his followers in Matthew’s Gospel (18:15-20), and in accord with our ordination vows regarding the unity and governance of the church.”

Facing Nothingness, Facing God

William James, like Isaiah, may rightly remind us that our lives are not the center of the universe, but James is unable to say as Isaiah says to the people of Judah “Here is your God!”

Waiting for Jesus in Sudan

Slater Armstrong writes: “Advent is a season of preparation, of conforming our lives to the reality that Christ is coming in triumph. I am aware of no place on earth that celebrates this watching with greater d... Read more...

ACI Interprets Board’s Ruling

From the Anglican Communion Institute, Inc.We are greatly encouraged by the decision of the Disciplinary Board for Bishops to dismiss charges of abandonment against Bishop Mark Lawrence. We appreciate the timel... Read more...

A Churchgoer’s Guide to the Covenant

Many people are relatively uninformed or are being misinformed about the proposed Anglican Covenant and its significance by some opponents.

Archbishop Williams Surveys the Communion

Archbishop Rowan Williams writes: “The question remains: if the moratoria are ignored and the Covenant suspected, what are the means by which we maintain some theological coherence as a Communion and some personal respect and understanding as a fellowship of people seeking to serve Christ?”