Two Responses to Amicus Brief

Ft. Worth leaders are “exploring an appropriate response to such a shameful action by these members of the House of Bishops.”

Surrender Your Pride

By Russell J. Levenson, Jr. “He who loves his dream of a community more than the Christian community itself becomes a destroyer of the latter.” — Dietrich Bonhoeffer

‘William White is Dead’

By Lawrence C. Provenzano The bicameral system needs to be replaced with a unicameral General Convention that meets in sacred council to consider the mission of the church, its programs and budget.

‘Complex and Disturbing’

‘Oh Thou Transcendent’The Life of Ralph Vaughan WilliamsTony Palmer FilmsIf hearing the name Ralph Vaughan Williams makes you feel all warm inside, or if you associate him largely with the majestic settings of ... Read more...

The Shepherd

Easter 4Acts 4:5-12 • Ps. 231 John 3:16-24 • John 10:11-18A good shepherd is committed to his sheep. He lets his résumé lapse and covets nothing imagined to be richer and greener. He pitches his tent like the W... Read more...

+Bruno Battling Leukemia

Bishop J. Jon Bruno writes: “I want you folks to be as positive as you can be, and I need your prayers and support at this time.”

+Texas to Allow Blessings

Bishop C. Andrew Doyle writes: “How do people with differing views on sexuality and blessing of same-gender relationships stay together for the sake of the Gospel? How is it that we are able to remain one church?”

Bishops File Brief in Texas

Seven bishops and the Dallas-based Anglican Communion Institute filed a brief with the Texas Supreme Court Monday regarding The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth v The Episcopal Church.