Bishop Approved for Uruguay

The Anglican Province of the Southern Cone has agreed to an appeal to approve Michael Pollesel’s election.

Bishops File SCOTUS Briefs

By Lee Penn “The sacramental quality of the marriage or blessing emanates from God, is comprised of God’s divine energy.”

Tears of God

By Peggy Eastman Nearly 20 bishops led an estimated 300 clergy and lay people on a prayer walk from the White House to the U.S. Capitol.

Kittredge to Lead Southwest

Douglas Travis will retire May 31 and Cynthia Briggs Kittredge will succeed him as dean and president of Seminary of the Southwest.

The Weight of His Body

Palm SundayIsa. 50:4-9a • Ps. 31:9-16 • Phil. 2:5-11 • Luke 22:14-23:56 or Luke 23:1-49The ear wakens to listen and is taught the terrible wisdom of transient praise and the vigorous march of betrayal, torture,... Read more...

Global Anglicanism

“The Anglican Communion transcends national identities at the same time that its life must be expressed through the many particular cultures of the communion.”

Abp. Welby’s Humble Pageantry

By John Martin Tweeting his thoughts was just one of many personal touches of the Anglican Communion’s new primus inter pares.

Abp. Welby’s Inaugural Sermon

“There can be no final justice, or security, or love, or hope in our society if it is not finally based on rootedness in Christ.”