“Everything exposed by the light becomes visible” (Eph. 5:13). Simply, God sees the truth.

St. James, Meet St. James

By William O. Daniel, Jr. • Our schools need each other. We need one another’s prayer and we need to be empowered by each other.

Listen for Jesus on Campus

By D. Stuart Dunnan • The priest as schoolmaster is a person of faith and Christian conviction engaged in “the world” as it now exists around us.

Shigeru Ban Wins Pritzker

One of architecture’s most prestigious international awards has been given to the man behind Christchurch’s cardboard cathedral.

Essay Competition 2014

The Living Church is pleased to announce the fifth annual Student Essays in Christian Wisdom Competition.

Hear God’s Word, Mon Ami

David Suchet devoted 200 hours of his time to recording the audio book, and donated his fee to charity.


Water gushing from the rock is an answer to the question “Is the Lord among us or not”?

TLC 248/7 Online

The April 6 edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers.