Honor for Elders in Anchorage

By G. Jeffrey MacDonald • St. Mary’s Church is in design stages for a senior housing complex on its 19-acre wooded property.

S.E. Florida Seeks Nominees

The Diocese of Southeast Florida has released a profile and is accepting nominations for a bishop coadjutor.

ECW Surveys Church

ECW committee: “There are many more opinions we value — including yours.”

The Dead of World War II

By Gary G. Yerkey • Capt. John W. Schwer, an Army chaplain and Episcopal priest, rests among the dead at Brittany American Cemetery.

Known to All

Because of our creation by one God in his image, every tribe craves an intimate relationship with that one God.

Global Trend-spotting

By Sue Careless • Christianity is doing well globally, but poorly in its former centers of glory.

Martyrs Who Move

For over a decade, American artist Bill Viola has been pondering the task of making two video-art altar pieces for St. Paul’s Cathedral.