Caroline Divines for Today

The Caroline Divines positioned themselves as ardent practitioners of the Church of England’s liturgical order, spiritual discipline, canonical resources, and homiletic traditions.

New: Jan. 20 TLC Online

In the cover article, TLC correspondent G. Jeffrey MacDonald reports on F3 — a movement for men that emphasizes virtuous leadership.

John Said Dies at 86

Bishop John Said, who served in the dioceses of Southeast Florida and Central Florida, died Jan. 5.

1/13: God Is Love

Sunday’s Readings: God is sheer and absolute love, begetting without loss, responding in freedom, shared in perennial exchange.

Event: Racial Reconciliation and the Soul

Gerald McDermott “We are convinced that [racial] tension cannot be resolved by politics alone because our racial divides have vital spiritual, moral and cultural dimensions.”

Church Sells Block 87 in Austin

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry: property sale “broadens the church’s opportunities and creates new possibilities for addressing the archival needs of the church.”