Rest in Peace, Rise in Glory: March 18, 2020

Obituaries from the March 22 issue of The Living Church, including a pioneer in organizational development who applied her research to congregations, a former Bishop of North Dakota, who flew to visitations in his own plane and a monk with a talent for calligraphy.

Ethics: Aid in Dying

The root theological problem is that “aid in dying” misconceives our life as something we own. But in fact my life is not my possession. My life is a gift; I am a steward of that gift, not an owner; and I am responsible for my stewardship.

Early English Saint’s Relics Authenticated by Archaeologists

Bone analysis and radiocarbon dating have confirmed that a casket of bones discovered a century ago in a church in Folkestone, Kent, are almost certainly the remains of St. Eanswythe, who founded England's first monastic community for women in about 660.

3/22 Readings: Now I See

Though enlightened, we cannot see all the workings of Christ. The working of God perceived by our senses and accessible, though in a limited way, to our thought, is a very small measure of what God is doing and how God works.