Tribunal Authorizes Same-Sex Blessings in Australia

The Anglican Church of Australia's highest legal authority has ruled on narrow legal grounds that a liturgy for same sex blessings approved in 2019 by the Diocese of Wangaratta is valid, and that the Diocese of Newcastle may revise its clergy discipline rules to prohibit disciplinary action against priests who enter into same sex marriages.

Old Masters and Black Bodies

Using the tools of the old masters – grand canvases and oil paint, and fluently speaking their iconographic language – Ballon has moved Black bodies from the margins of the canvas to the forefront, portraying them as Biblical characters.

New C of E Resource for Discernment on Sexuality

A 468-page book and associated teaching materials are designed to help the Church of England begin “a new process of discernment and decision-making on questions of identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage” over the next two years.

To You, O Lord, I Cry

By Ed Little A Reading from Joel 1:15-2:1115 Alas for the day!For the day of the Lord is near,   and as destruction from the Almighty it comes.16 Is not the food cut off   before our eyes,joy and gladness   ... Read more...