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‘We Will Get There’

A quick interview with Scott Gunn by Zachary Guiliano

How closely have you been tracking with the development of resolutions out of the structure committee?
I am following the structure resolutions closely, because if we can create healthy systems at the churchwide level, our leaders will be freed to lead us in proclaiming the Good News to a world in need of hope.

What’s your first take on what’s being done to Executive Council?
I think the Executive Council resolution makes some improvements in our current system, such as adding a chief legal officer for our church. I do wish that the council would be reduced in size for more effective governance, but this convention does not seem inclined to accept much change in structure.

What about the proposal of a unicameral house?
I don’t see that happening here. Many of our leaders seem fearful of losing their power and privilege. Current systems seem safe and familiar. For us to adopt a unicameral model that works, we would need to greatly reduce the size of both the House of Bishops and House of Deputies. Few people will be willing to vote for any of this.

In my opinion, most of the resolutions have been toned down, rewritten, or moderated. Does this General Convention already represent a lost opportunity? Is there still hope?
With God, there is always hope. The holy Church is filled with imperfect people, so we should not expect perfection. Instead, those who are committed to change must do this work over a period of years. We will get there. At some point, if nothing else, we will be forced to change as resources shrink if our church fails to adapt to its post-Christendom role in society. When we embrace our outsider, non-privileged status in society, we will find new life. The gospel is not about clinging to power, but rather about sacrifice.

Fr. Gunn blogged on this topic yesterday at Seven Whole Days in “Time for structure decisions.” 


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