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How to Read Lambeth’s Windows

Adapted from the Archbishop of Canterbury’s website:

The Archbishop of Canterbury has welcomed a new guide to the remarkable stained glass windows in Lambeth Palace Chapel, which he said “are designed to help us know God better.”

The Story of Salvation, written by Lambeth Palace tour guides James Thomson and Lyndall Hacker, is the first guide to the windows to have been produced since Archbishop Fisher initially expressed a desire for such a resource when the new windows were installed in 1955.

… In a foreword, Archbishop Welby said: “I am delighted that this book helps us to get to know the windows better. Even though I see the windows very regularly, this book opens my eyes to appreciate the beauty of their form and function afresh — and thus to look on God afresh.

“We live in a very visual age once again, just as in medieval times — except that we have lost the art of reading stained glass which might once have been as accessible as a modern cartoon is today.

“This book teaches us to read again: some vivid and ever-lively stories. It also teaches us a way of reading the Bible: to appreciate the inheritance of the Old Testament and the way in which it shapes our understanding of Jesus, and yet to focus on the events of Jesus in his life and death and resurrection.”

Read the rest.

Download The Story of Salvation: The Windows of Lambeth Palace Chapel [PDF].


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