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One Last TLC Appeal from Christopher Wells

Dear friend,

Warm Advent greetings in the name of the Lord.

This is my last appeal letter, as I have stepped down as Executive Director of the Living Church Foundation. On November 1st, I took up the role of Director of Unity, Faith and Order at the Anglican Communion Office in London.

I loved every minute of my 13 years at the helm of TLC. I took the job because I believe in the power of the published word, which for Christians can only be spoken in the wake of the original Word of God, to whom we will give an account. In his shadow and service, which is perfect freedom, we seek to speak truly to one another about God and the world he has made. We seek to understand the past in the light of his faithfulness and to hear his summons to the future, according to his will.

All the publications and products of TLC — our magazine and blog; our podcast, pamphlets, and offerings for musicians; our conferences and books — seek to build up the Church as the living body of the Word incarnate, in his grace and truth. With him, we raise hard questions, host debates, and seek to follow paths of obedience, along which may be planted trees that bear the fruit of the Spirit. We seek to harvest these fruits and to encourage their propagation by publishing news and analyses that evince a love of the Church, even when the matters are difficult. And we strive to give voice to words of peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Properly formed in Christ, we can assist others to speak similarly, with joy in hope.

We have also shaped our work sacrificially in and after our Lord. We have balanced our books. And we have undertaken new adventures, well described in our strategic plan (livingchurch.org/mission). I can’t wait to see what God does next with TLC, but know that it will be wonderful. Our board is totally committed to the mission, and Fr. Mark Michael has capably taken up the role of Interim Executive Director for the immediate months ahead.

Won’t you please join me this Christmas in giving generously to the Living Church Foundation? Give in thanksgiving for the faithfulness of the Lord, and in the expectation of what he has yet to do.

In the love of Christ, who forms the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts to make them acceptable in the sight of God, our strength and our redeemer.

God bless,

Dr. Christopher Wells
Executive Director

Give to the Living Church.


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