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Nov. 1 TLC Now Online

The Nov. 1 edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers. This issue’s cover story is an extensive profile of Bishop Michael Curry, who will become the Episcopal Church’s 27th presiding bishop on Nov. 1. Correspondent G. Jeffrey MacDonald writes:

Before Michael Curry ever felt God calling him to preach the gospel, he was listening — and learning that faith without works is dead. He heard it in the hymns and Bible verses, and old North Carolina stories that his grandmother laid on the grandchildren while she cooked dinner. He overheard it when Buffalo-area clergy gathered in his family’s living room to plan civil rights actions in the early 1960s. He heard it when he exited a movie theater in 1960 with his ordained father after a showing of Exodus. Kenneth Curry paused for a word with his seven-year-old son.

 “He said, ‘I want you to remember this,’” Bishop Curry recalled in his Raleigh office a few weeks before his consecration on Nov. 1 as the Episcopal Church’s 27th presiding bishop. “‘The Lord didn’t make anybody to be under anybody’s foot. He made everybody to be free.’ That was formative.”

Education that Crosses Divisions

‘Go to Galilee’: For Bishop Michael Curry, a disciple’s transformed life begets joyful witness, public acts of justice, and potentially contagious faith. | By G. Jeffrey MacDonald

Galilee in Tobacco Fields: A photo essay from North Carolina | By Asher Imtiaz

Christian Spirituality
The Grace of Solitary Prayer | By Julia Gatta

The Death and Afterlife of the North American Martyrs |Review by Ephraim Radner

Accidental Saints | Review by Eric Gregory

Catholic Voices
Ways of Communion
Christ Transforms Culture | By Robert S. Skirving

Open to the Stranger | By Thomas Breidenthal

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People & Places

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