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Visit God at ‘I’ Level During General Convention

On the evening of June 25, TLC will host a dessert reception and artist’s talk celebrating a new exhibit by photographer Asher Imtiaz. God at “I” Level will be on display at Christ Church Cathedral, Louisville, down the road from the Kentucky International Convention Center, the site of this year’s General Convention. The event is free and open to the public.

Since 2016, Asher Imtiaz has been telling stories of recent immigrants to the United States, mainly refugees and asylum seekers, through photography. This calling has only become more clear against the backdrop of anti-immigration rhetoric and the politics of fear. “The only way to combat ‘the other’ mentality is to share stories,” says Imtiaz. “Immigration has been a major divisive issue among Americans in the last few years and has created fear among many. We sometimes forget that behind every issue is a person we can get to know and honor and love. That God is at eye level.

“Ansel Adams once said that a good photograph is ‘knowing where to stand.’ While this is often interpreted as finding the perfect geographic location to capture light, I choose to make it political. Fitting my contemporary work into the history of photography, ‘knowing where to stand’ becomes a statement of conviction in our contemporary society. We need to live a life of sustained attention. And awareness should move toward responsibility and action.”

God at “I” Level takes similar themes and subjects, and focuses specifically on confronting the all-powerful “I” in individualistic culture, engaging human eyes to get beyond the alienating self-absoprtion that leads to unjust attitudes and practices: “God is looking back at us. God is at eye level. Looking in human eyes is an opportunity to love God. Christians in the U.S. need this reminder — especially when some leaders say and do things that are dehumanizing.”

Many photos in this exhibit were taken with the help of Episcopal Migration Ministries, and the reception is sponsored by The Living Church, Christ Church Cathedral, and the Episcopal Parish Network.

If you live near Louisville, or you’re in town for General Convention, please join us at Christ Church Cathedral, Louisville, from 7:30 to 9 p.m. on Tuesday, June 25, for refreshments, fellowship, art, and a time of learning together.


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