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Deputies Go After Liturgical ‘Cringe’


From honoring two members to calling some liturgical text “cringey,” the House of Deputies addressed six business items during its 90-minute evening session June 27.

  • Deputies authorized Resolution A112 for the use of Expanded Revised Common Lectionary Daily Readings, but not without discussion.

The Rev. Scott Gunn of Southern Ohio spoke against the resolution. “There are seven current daily lectionaries. We absolutely do not need another lectionary. We already have confusion. We have too many. Clarity is kindness. Less chaos, more formation.”

Bruce Gardner of Atlanta disagreed. “We may have all those lectionaries, but they may not meet the needs of diverse populations. Some language is not helpful.”

  • Deputies overwhelmingly approved Resolution A114 to authorize the use of Expansive Language Versions of Eucharistic Prayer C, with all comments in support.

“It’s been controversial since 1979,” the Rev. Jacob Pierce of North Carolina said. “Many love it, many don’t.”

  • Speakers addressed the “cringeworthyness” of the Good Friday text as they approved Resolution A115 authorizing the use of alternative texts for the Good Friday liturgy.

“The anti-Jewish bias in our liturgies is subtle but it is there,” the Rev. Miranda Hassett of Milwaukee said.

“Good Friday, the most somber day of the year, is also the most dangerous day of the year for our Jewish cousins,” said the Rev. Gia Hayes-Martin of Southern Ohio. She said this resolution “corrected some language that is just cringe.”

“As a priest whose wife identifies as a secular Jew, this is deeply problematic and cringeworthy,” said the Rev. Dr. Daniel London of Northern California.

There was no objection to approving Resolution A117, which withdraws the Rev. William Porcher DuBose from the Lesser Feasts and Fasts calendar. The Rev. Philip Dinwiddie of Michigan called DuBose a “committed and unrepentant white supremacist.”

  • Deputies expressed deep gratitude to Paul Neuhauser and Steve Hutchinson of Utah for their years of service to the Episcopal Church.


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