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Archbishop Welby Prays for ‘Hope and Life’ from COP28

By Douglas LeBlanc

In addressing one of his favored themes, climate change, the Archbishop of Canterbury has invoked the name of Noah, who faced a cataclysmic flood thousands of years ago but found hope and God’s renewed blessings after the flood subsided.

“Ahead of the Lambeth Conference, we planted olive trees in the garden at Lambeth Palace — one representing every country of the Communion,” Archbishop Welby said in a video message he recorded for COP28. “When I look at them, I remember the story of Noah’s Ark. After the flood, the dove brings the olive branch, which signals new hope and new life. I pray this meeting may be one which brings that hope and life to a fragile and fearful world.”

The 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference is scheduled for November 30 to December 12 in the United Arab Emirates. The conference first met in Berlin in 1995.

Through most of his brief address, Welby explains how the Church of England — alongside other Christians and people of other faiths — tries to lower its carbon footprint.

“Churches and Christians around the world are doing what they can to tackle the crisis. In the Church of England, we have pledged to be a net-zero, carbon-neutral church by 2030. Our investors have decided to exclude fossil fuel companies from our portfolio because they are not acting fast enough to transition in line with the Paris agreement, despite our repeated attempts at engagement.

“There is much more to be done, domestically and internationally. From commitment to phasing out fossil fuels and developing technology that can deliver clean energy, to delivering on the $100 billion climate finance promised, and agreeing on a Loss and Damage Fund.”

As Visual Capitalist has reported, citing the Global Carbon Atlas, China accounted for 30.9 percent of carbon emissions in 2021. The United States accounted for 13.5 percent. Another 175 nations, grouped as “Rest of World,” accounted for 21.7 percent. The United Kingdom produces 0.9 percent.

Global Carbon Atlas lists the top 10 sources of fossil fuel emissions as China, the United States, India, the Russian Federation, Japan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and Indonesia.


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