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New: Jan. 17 TLC

The Jan. 17 edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers. The cover story, “E.B. Pusey’s Living Vision,” features Zachary Guiliano’s interview with the Rev. George Westhaver, been principal of Pusey House, Oxford.

Fr. Westhaver says of Pusey House’s mission:

Pusey House was founded in 1884 with the purpose of being “a home of sacred learning and a rallying point for the Christian faith.” Those are the words of H.P. Liddon, cofounder of the house, a canon of St. Paul’s, London, and Pusey’s biographer. At the time, the relationship between the church and the University of Oxford was changing. You no longer needed to sign the 39 Articles to study or teach here, and many people, not just Anglo-Catholics, were concerned that the university would no longer be a safe nursery for their children and for the life of the church. Pusey House was founded to be an independent chaplaincy to the university, to promote theological study, and to encourage holiness of life, a combination that is very Oxford Movement. In this trajectory, Pusey House still has a vocation to encourage the life of the mind together with the life of prayer and adoration, thought about God, and the movement of the heart toward God, and to do this in the context of nurturing lives of discipleship in community.

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