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Haitians Meet in Convention

Adapted from the Rev. Canon Mark Harris’s weblog, Preludium

The Episcopal Church of Haiti held its convention on Jan. 29-30 in Leogane, a strong center of church life in Haiti. Archdeacon J. Fritz Bazin, an honorary canon of the diocese and archdeacon in the Diocese of Southeast Florida, has written a commentary on that synod meeting, as has the Rev. Fritz Desire, priest of the diocese. …

The two resolutions of the synod give clear indication that the Diocese of Haiti is facing into its future with clarity and resolve.

The two resolutions are described by Archdeacon Bazin as follows:

“The first resolution is a request for an appropriate committee of the Episcopal church to work on revision and translation in French and Kreyol of the Prayer Book, in consultation with the Diocese of Haiti being the only French and Kreyol Speaking Diocese of the Episcopal Church and also its largest diocese.

The second resolution states that in accordance with the general Canons, since as of March 1 Bishop [Jean Zaché] Duracin will resign, the standing committee will become the Ecclesiastical authority, consequently they will call for a visiting Bishop for Pastoral duties, a Chief Operating Officer, and an Executive Secretary. These three will function under the supervision of the standing committee until such time when a Bishop Diocesan will be elected.”

The resolve to engage the Episcopal Church in the work of producing a French and Kreyol Prayer Book suitable for the work in Haiti signals a continuing commitment to a liturgy that is both contextual and grounded in the Anglican and Episcopal liturgical traditions.

… In Archdeacon Bazin’s words, “This synod clearly demonstrated what I have always believed, that the people of the Church in Haiti are capable, with God’s grace, of insuring a smooth transition to the choice of a new Bishop and the discernment of a renewed progressive vision for the church in their own context, yet faithful to the wonderful Episcopal Anglican Heritage.”


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