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GTS Posts Mediation Update

From GTS News

A further step in the Organizational Mediation Process by the Lombard Mennonite Peace Center at the General Theological Seminary took place on Thursday, November 20, with the first meeting of the Logistics Committee via conference call facilitated by Bill Blank, the LMPC Associate Director.

The 14 members of the Logistics Committee represent all stakeholders in the GTS community: current students, staff, faculty, Board of Trustees members, spouses and partners, and alumni. Each member of the committee was appointed by their respective group.

The role of the Logistics Committee is to encourage participation by all parties in the reconciliation process; identify key people for a series of phone interviews by the LMPC; assist in distributing an LMPC questionnaire to stakeholders; facilitate hosting the educational workshops run by the LMPC; and to coordinate the small and large group sessions in the information gathering, healing, and problem-solving phases.

Information on the workshops and a full outline of the process have been distributed to the participating constituencies.

We, the logistics committee, invite prayers of the church and the wider world for God’s Spirit to bring healing for the General Theological Seminary as this process moves forward.

—The Members of the Logistics Committee


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