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Eau Claire Announces Slate

The Diocese of Eau Claire has announced four self-nominated people in the search for its sixth bishop. In May the diocese invited clergy to self-nominate for the half-time position, which will involve overseeing 21 mostly rural congregations in northwestern Wisconsin.

A 15-member discernment committee has conducted phone interviews, reviewed background checks, held two discernment retreats and organized walkabout meetings for the week of Oct. 7.

The nominees are:

Eau Claire’s fifth bishop, the Rt. Rev. Keith Whitmore, resigned in 2008 to become assistant bishop in the Diocese of Atlanta. The Rt. Rev. Edwin M. Leidel, Jr., has served as Eau Claire’s elected provisional bishop since August 2010. The diocesan convention will elect the new bishop Nov. 9.

Image: Christ Church Cathedral, Eau Claire


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