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Cross of Nails Welcomes VTS

Adapted from Virginia Theological Seminary

The Very Rev. John Witcombe, dean of Coventry Cathedral, welcomed Virginia Theological Seminary into the Community of the Cross of Nails during a liturgy on the VTS campus Dec. 2.

“That the Community of the Cross of Nails emerged from the destruction of a dearly loved place of worship has particular resonance here at Virginia Seminary,” said the Rev. Melody Knowles, acting dean and president of VTS. “The commitment the network has to heal the wounds of history, learn from difference, celebrate diversity, and build a culture of peace is work we continue to strive towards at VTS. We are delighted that in being welcomed into the Community today we recognize that this work needs to be done within a wider fellowship.”

The Community of the Cross of Nails emerged from the destruction of Coventry Cathedral during World War II. After rebuilding, Coventry Cathedral developed into a globally recognized center for reconciliation. Today the community is a network of 200 partners in 35 countries committed to the work of reconciliation.


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