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Concise Prayer amid Violence

Club Blu in Ft. Myers, Florida, was the scene of the latest mass shooting in the United States. • REUTERS/Joe Skipper

The Diocese of Southwest Florida reports:

Bishop Dabney Smith has released this prayer for Southwest Florida in the wake of a nightclub shooting early this morning, as well as events in Munich, Orlando and Nice, and other unfolding news:

According to news reports, there was a shooting and murder at a nightclub in Ft. Myers, where youths, including teens and pre-teens, were present. Two are dead and more than a dozen were wounded.

The prayer, for personal and congregational use, is below:

O Lamb of God, that takest away the sins of the world: protect our lives in this time of terror and gun violence. Inspire our government leaders to exercise compassion, safety, and reason. Watch over and protect our law enforcement agencies, and give them the support they need to serve all people with respect, dignity, and compassion. Pour out your healing Spirit upon us that the broken may be made whole; and the weak made strong. Deliver us from evil and grant us peace.



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