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Bishop Roundup: Chicago, Georgia, Minnesota, Oklahoma

Bishop Jeffrey Lee of Chicago, who in February announced that he planned to retire in August, has told his diocese that he is delaying his retirement and the election of his successor, which was planned to take place at a special convention in June, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lee has served as the XII Bishop of Chicago since 2008. The election of his successor is now scheduled to happen at the annual diocesan convention Nov. 20-21.

Three dioceses have been notified that their incoming bishops have received the necessary approvals of a majority of the diocesan standing committees and of bishops with jurisdiction.

In Georgia, the Rev. Canon Frank S. Logue was elected bishop on November 16, 2019. He is scheduled to be consecrated May 30, 2020, and will succeed the Rt. Rev. Scott A. Benhase, who has served since 2010. Logue is a member of Executive Council, a post he will resign to become bishop.

In Minnesota, the Very Rev. Craig W. Loya was elected bishop on January 25, 2020. He is scheduled to be consecrated June 6, and will succeed the Rt. Rev. Brian N. Prior, who has served since 2010.

In Oklahoma, the Rev. Poulson C. Reed was elected bishop coadjutor on December 14, 2019. He was scheduled to be consecrated April 18, 2020, but that has been postponed until at least May 30, because of the coronavirus pandemic. As bishop coadjutor, Reed will automatically succeed Diocesan Bishop Edward J. Konieczny when the latter retires later this year.

On March 17, Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry announced that no consecrations would be conducted before May 30, and that dioceses have begun to plan for consecrations that:

  • can be relocated to smaller venues, preferably church settings that nevertheless provide adequate space for appropriate physical distancing of participants and attendees;
  • minimize in-person attendance and utilize live-streaming technology;
  • limit, with flexibility, the number of co-consecrating bishops and presenters, yet still satisfy canonical requirements;
  • forego social events; and,
  • re-imagine media briefings and clergy gatherings as virtual interactions with the Presiding Bishop.


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