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Bishop Made Mission Theologian

Adapted from an announcement on Fulcrum

The Rt. Rev. Graham Kings, Bishop of Sherborne, has accepted a seven-year post as the Anglican Communion’s mission theologian. The new post is a shared venture of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Church Mission Society, and Durham University.

His purpose will be to research, stimulate, connect, and publish works of theology in the Anglican Communion, with particular focus on insights from Africa, Asia, and Latin America, in their ecumenical contexts.

Bishop Kings will take up this new post in July. He will be based in London, visiting Durham University as an honorary fellow and traveling across the Communion. He will convene a series of seminars in Anglican Communion Studies for theologians. The website Mission Theology in the Anglican Communion, launched February 16, will publish the papers. Bishop Kings already has sent various tweets from the Twitter handle of @MissioTheology.

“I am amazed at this creative post, and give thanks to God,” Bishop Kings said. “I am also deeply grateful to the Archbishop of Canterbury, CMS, and Durham University and to the wide range of supporting donors. Henry Venn, the great 19th-century general secretary of CMS, talked of ‘self-supporting, self-governing and self-extending churches’ throughout the world. For many years, more recently, there has been a ‘fourth self’: ‘self-theologising.’ It is these voices which need to be heard more clearly throughout the Communion.”

The bishop’s appointment prompted these responses from Anglican leaders:

  • Archbishop Justin Welby: “I am delighted that this strong partnership has developed with CMS and Durham University. It is very gratifying that the concept of a mission theologian in the Anglican Communion has attracted the necessary support to get to this stage where the post can be established. I know that the Anglican Communion has many gifted theologians and it is so important that their voice is heard more widely. I am glad that Bishop Graham’s experience and knowledge of the Communion is being made so generously available and I shall encourage the development of this project with a keen interest.”
  • Elaine Storkey, president of Fulcrum: “We are so delighted that Rt. Rev. Graham Kings has been appointed to this vital new post of mission theologian in the Anglican Communion. It draws together so many of the rich talents God has blessed him with, and his wide experiences of ministry. It can only be a post arranged in heaven! Our prayers will be with Graham as the whole Church continues to be blessed by his energy, commitment, and focus.
  • The Rev. Joseph Galgalo, vice chancellor of St. Paul’s University, Limuru, Kenya: “This partnership affords new and creative ways of initiating and managing theological discourses across the Communion; and equally provides opportunities for constructive engagements. Bishop Graham Kings, with his vast experience in cross-cultural mission, is well placed to build a wide network of theologians to stimulate fruitful theological conversations, and to inspire partnerships across communities of faith. I wish him well and all God’s blessings as he lays the foundation for this exciting responsibility.”
  • Canon Philip Mounstephen, executive leader of the Church Mission Society: “CMS has long been committed to enabling the theological insights and voices of the global south to be better heard around the world as together we explore, and learn more, of the mission of God. I’m thrilled with this new post in CMS.”
  • Professor Alec Ryrie, head of Durham University’s Department of Theology and Religion: “This partnership is exactly the kind of creative enterprise that we should be entering into, to make more of the fresh and important theological thinking taking place in areas which are sometimes remote to readily accessible scholarship. Our leading research and alumni networks can hopefully bring emphasis and credibility to this initiative. We are delighted to welcome Dr. Kings as an honorary fellow in the department.”
  • The Rev. Canon Alyson Barnett-Cowan, interim secretary-general of the Anglican Communion: “Bishop Graham is well known to the Anglican Communion Office, through his participation in the interfaith network of the Anglican Communion. I am excited that this new post, although not based in the ACO, will complement our work in mission and theological studies. My colleagues and I look forward to working in partnership with him.”
  • The Rt. Rev. Nicholas Holtam, Bishop of Salisbury: “I am very grateful for all that Bishop Graham has contributed to the Diocese of Salisbury as Bishop of Sherborne. This new post makes very good use of his experience, knowledge, and skills. We give thanks for him and Alison and ask God’s blessing on all that lies ahead.”

Funds for this new post have largely come from a wide range of private donors, from various traditions in the worldwide Church of God, as well as from the Church Mission Society, which will employ Bishop Kings as of July 16.

Bishop Kings writes frequently for both The Living Church and its weblog, Covenant. TLC will report further on the bishop’s plans in the near future.

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