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April 5 TLC Online

The April 5 edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers. Bishop Matthew A. Gunter writes in “Self-Control: The Neglected Fruit of the Spirit”:

Self-control is a neglected fruit of the spirit that needs cultivating in the contemporary Church. Its lack is at the heart of much of the Church’s spiritual shallowness. It is counter-cultural. It calls for self-sacrifice, which is a virtue more commonly admired in theory than put into practice. But there is no real love, certainly none as Jesus calls us to love, without it. Cultivating love and the other fruit of the Spirit and “weeding out the fruit of the flesh” is what self-control is about.

St. John’s Helps Guatemalans

Self-Control: The Neglected Fruit of the Spirit
By Matthew A. Gunter

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Catholic Voices
Missiophobia: Cause and Cure | By Robert S. Heaney

Dante’s Deadly Sins | Review by Kevin Dodge

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