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Minn. Diocese Sells Office

The Rt. Rev. Brian Prior, Bishop of Minnesota, writes about selling the diocesan office to White Earth Nation:

By now some of you are aware that the ECMN [Episcopal Church in Minnesota] board of Trustees has sold the 1730 Clifton Place property to the White Earth Nation. Serving the Episcopal Church in Minnesota for over 20 years, this building, like most of us, has had its good days and its bad. Many faithful people through the years have had inspiring dreams of what the property could be. And yet, through the years, there’ve been many challenging experiences for those who have dared to dream of how the property could be a greater asset for God’s mission.

I am truly sorry for all those inspiring dreams that we were not able to accomplish together. In the midst of that, I am also truly grateful for all those who have worked hard to be good stewards of 1730 Clifton Place. And at the end of the day, as we are once again reminded in this Easter season, we are resurrection people. Because of this, I believe new life always finds a way to come forth.

I’m excited for the new possibilities of the expanded work of White Earth Nation. Long time tenants, and now owners of 1730 Clifton Place, they have already begun to provide services for a much larger population. And I’m very grateful to hear how the Dean of St. Mark’s Cathedral is also beginning to imagine and encourage a stronger relationship with their new neighbors (see his note about it here).

I’m excited about the next chapter for the people of ECMN, their Missioners, and I as your Bishop, in finding a new space to gather, to discern, to prepare and to go forth to engage God’s mission across Minnesota. A space that will not only be inviting, accessible, and inspire innovation, but will itself be a place where God’s mission is being engaged right there in its new neighborhood.

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Last year, the diocese tried to replace 1730 Clifton Place with a new complex called Episcopal Commons.


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