4 Civil Lawsuit Casts Wide Net
A civil lawsuit against Conception Abbey in rural Missouri has raised lingering questions about decisions made by both Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori and the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Dubuque, Iowa.
By Lee Penn

10 On Wrath and Hell
A Thomistic Dialogue
By J. Wesley Evans
During my time in seminary, I found the method of Thomas Aquinas in his Summa most helpful, both for personal study as well as teaching. In that tradition, and in honor of St. Thomas, I offer the following: First, does God engage in wrath and other acts of violence against evil? Second, does God actively send people into a place of judgment called hell?

19 Make Peace, not Schism
By Michael Cover
As I read the Didache recently, I was struck by the overwhelming simplicity of its vision. I became convinced that here was a voice which can contribute to our current debates about the Anglican Covenant and its potential fruitfulness.

15 Our Anglican Heritage
by John W. Howe and Sam C. Pascoe
Review by Neal O. Michell

16 The Other Jesus
by Greg Garrett
Review by Jon Adamson

Catholic Voices
21 Reclothing the Emperor
By Russell J. Levenson, Jr.

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