4 Primatial Tensions Escalate
As the Anglican Communion Office has taken initial disciplinary steps toward the Episcopal Church, tensions have escalated between the Archbishop of Canterbury and Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori regarding the nature of Anglicanism.

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9 Whitby Via Hollywood
By Mark F.M. Clavier
The Presiding Bishop’s pastoral letter is a heady message, calling to arms all who wish to resist the tyrant doing “spiritual violence” once again to those who wish freely to express their “Spirit”-led beliefs. … We have here a sort of theological variation on Avatar.

10 Potholes on the Road to Persuasion
By Peter Carrell
If the Presiding Bishop’s pastoral letter is a road to persuasion there are some potholes in it. … The course of the Communion will not be changed by a letter which fails to front up the challenge of demonstrating from Scripture that same-sex partnerships may be blessed in God’s name.

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6 Never Silent
Anglican Communion in Crisis
By Samuel Keyes

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