4 Claims Against Bishop Lawrence Dismissed
Among other allegations, a dossier claimed “on information and belief” that Bishop Mark J. Lawrence ordained his son to the priesthood. Instead, the Rt. Rev. Alden M. Hathaway, retired Bishop of Pittsburgh, ordained Chad Lawrence on Jan. 11, 2010, at St. Helena’s, Beaufort.

10 Cranmer’s Elegance and the Wondrous Exchange
By Brian Crowe
The elegance of Cranmer’s composition lies not in language alone: it extends to the manner in which he embraces the patristic witness to the Incarnation. At the heart of the patristic witness is the “wondrous exchange” (admirabile commercium) — the Eternal Son becomes human so that human beings can become sons and daughter of the Father.

14 Transforming Lives: The Bible Challenge
By Marek P. Zabriskie
We have discovered that listening to the Bible read aloud in church is like sitting in the passenger seat of a car, being distracted, and not paying close attention to the route. Reading the entire Bible alone, with the support of others, is far more powerful and allows participants to appreciate more fully the readings and sermons in worship.

17 Hope in a Scattering Time
by Eric Miller
Hope in the Age of Anxiety
by Anthony Scioli and Henry B. Biller
Review by F. Washington Jarvis

18 Augustine and the Trinity
by Lewis Ayres
Review by Kathryn L. Reinhard

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20 Facing Nothingness, Facing God
By Stanley Hauerwas

21 Stations of the Nativity

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23 Editorial: Thank God for Mercy

24 Waiting for Jesus in Sudan
By Slater Armstrong 

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