4 One Step Closer to a Universal Primacy

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10 A Sustained Argument for Clarity
By John C. Bauerschmidt
In many ways, C. FitzSimons Allison’s Trust in an Age of Arrogance functions as a genealogy of intellectual history and a critique of modern culture, in much the same way as books like Alasdair McIntyre’s After Virtue or David Wells’s No Place for Truth do.

18 Broadening Our Repertoire
By Daniel H. Martins
The single most dominant issue that affects our feelings and our behavior with respect to the Church is worship. One could put a finer point on it still: The music used in worship is clearly the most substantial element in how churches “market” what they do on Sunday morning.

Cæli enarrant
24 Papal Pedagogy at Westminster Abbey
By Christopher Wells
If we want to grasp the heart of all that took place during the pope’s visit to Britain, we will do well to reflect carefully on Benedict and Rowan bent over their respective texts amid the moving service of Evening Prayer in Westminster Abbey on September 17.

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26 Excellent Choice for Bishop

13 Jesus Died for This?

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