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10 Committing Unity to Print
By David Richardson
What the Covenant has to offer the churches of the Communion is an instrument of unity and mission which, in good Anglican fashion, steers a middle path between centralism and juridical structures on the one hand and unfettered license and mutual irresponsibility on the other. But it does more.

Review Essays
12 Vision Upon Vision by George Guiver
Review by Daniel H. Martins
Vision Upon Vision is a salutary invitation to step outside the categories we have drawn for ourselves.

15 Absence of Mind by Marilynne Robinson
Review by Jean McCurdy Meade
Ever since Nietzsche pronounced the death of God in the mid-19th century, many philosophers and scientists in Europe and in the United States have rushed to applaud him and take his proclamation one step further, proclaiming the death of metaphysics.

18 Hannah’s Child by Stanley Hauerwas
Review by Elyse Gustafson
If Christianity is about anything, it is about learning to speak the truth.

20 Almost Christian by Kenda Creasy Dean
Review by F. Washington Jarvis
The National Study of Youth and Religion reveals that young people long for a real faith — something to believe in, something to live for, something even to die for. But what the mainline churches are often giving them is what Professor Dean calls Moralistic Therapeutic Deism.

Other Books
13 Divine Art, Infernal Machine
16 Undone by Easter
18 Uncommon Gratitude

Catholic Voices
23 Post-Cosmo Cosmology
By Andrew John Archie
When I was a teenager, Cosmo Gordon Lang was my hero. Other kids may have revered Mick Jagger, Che Guevara, John F. Kennedy or Mickey Mantle; but my hero was an Archbishop of Canterbury born a hundred years before me.

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