4 Bishop Chane: ‘We Are an Angry Country’
Opposition to building an Islamic cultural center near the site of the former World Trade Center springs from those “who feel threatened by what they do not understand and by what they have not had time to process,” according to the Rt. Rev. John B. Chane, Bishop of Washington.

6 Senses in the Liturgy
By Richard R. Losch
While the liturgy of the Church is rich in spiritual and theological traditions, it is also rich in its appeal to the five senses of human nature: seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting. A liturgical event that fails to involve all the senses is incomplete, because it leaves out a part of what makes us human.

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9 Limping Toward 2020
By Kevin Martin
Part of the 20/20 vision had been the truth that mission united us and issues divided us. Since 2003, issues have divided us. While some leaders say we are still doing 20/20 mission, most people in the wider church know this initiative was dead on arrival.

11 The Liberal Arts at Sewanee

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