4 From Lost Boy to Bishop
The Episcopal Church of Sudan’s Diocese of Aweil has consecrated the Rt. Rev. Abraham Yel Nhial as its first bishop. He came to the United States in 2001, and recently completed studies at Trinity School for Ministry.

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6 Rescuing Galileo from Scientism
By Daniel Muth
The authors of Galileo Observed begin with critiquing Victorian Era mythologizing about the trial as a major battlefield in a supposed “war of science and religion.”

9 T.F. Torrance’s Nicene Apologetics
According to Paul Molnar, Thomas F. Torrance’s thinking was “rigorously and consistently structured by his patristic and Reformed appreciation of the doctrine of the Trinity.”

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11 The Responsibility of History
By Cheryl H. White
Recent attempts at communication across the hierarchal and provincial structures of global Anglicanism have managed to further accomplish at least one critical task: highlighting our inability to speak the same language.

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13 People & Places
14 Sunday’s Readings