Bishops Expand Pastoral Care

So Great a Cloud of Memories
By Derek Olsen

Gerre Hancock’s Improvised Fun
A Remembrance
By Douglas LeBlanc

Our Unity in Christ series
Two Communion Cultures
By Peter M. Doll

The Living Paul by Anthony C. Thistleton
Review by Richard Kew

A Companion to Bede by J. Robert Wright
Review by Daniel Muth

A Catholic Brain Trust by Patrick J. Hayes
Review by Neil Dhingra

Unsettling Arguments
edited by Charles R. Pinches,
Kelly S. Johnson and Charles M. Collier
Review by Robert MacSwain

Fighting the Noonday Devil by R.R. Reno
Review by Leander S. Harding

‘Complex and Disturbing’
By Douglas LeBlanc

Catholic Voices
Surrender Your Pride
By Russell J. Levenson, Jr.

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