Paul Avis on the Anglican Covenant

‘I Am God and No Mortal’
Review by Michael B. Cover

H. Boone Porter’s Enduring Influence
Teacher of Critical Thought by Leonel L. Mitchell

The First Article by H. Boone Porter, Jr.

Liturgical Scholar, Friend, and Mentor by Louis Weil

Losing Our Father by Lawrence N. Crumb

From the Editor: Shadows of Evening by H. Boone Porter, Jr.

Checks and Balances
Presiding Officers as Partners — and Foils
By Derek Olsen

The Political Captivity of General Convention
By Victoria Heard and Jordan Hylden

Four Decades of Bible Study by Harry C. Griffith

Tuning in Theology by Anthony D. Baker

Reviews by Tony Hunt, Peter Eaton, Brian Cox, Pierre W. Whalon, and Ian S. Markham

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