4 Bishop of El Camino Real Respects ‘Very Key Symbol’
Responding to requests from two bishops elsewhere in the Anglican Communion, the Bishop of El Camino Real did not attend the consecration of Bishops Diane Jardine Bruce and Mary Glasspool in Los Angeles on May 15.

9 Great Vigil on the St. Joseph River
By Susan Haynes
“There she is!” yelled the man behind me as he pointed toward the far corner of our property. Then I saw her. She was holding onto the trunk of a tree that had fallen from the river bank into the river.

15 Sending and Gathering: Mission and the Priesthood Connected
By Michael Nazir–Ali
I hope that those who are beginning their priestly ministry, or are continuing it, will think of themselves as chosen from among the nations as priests for this priestly service of the good news of God. As they engage in this mission, as they continue to engage in the mission that was Jackson Kemper’s and James Lloyd Breck’s vision, they bring the nations to the altar of God.

Cæli enarrant
20 Catholicism, Part 6
By Christopher Wells
God comes as a man in order to save; thus the “incarnational principle,” beloved of Catholics, anticipates and is fulfilled in a soteriological one, beloved of evangelicals. And principle subsists in practice: faithful, obedient discipleship. “Take up your cross and follow me.”

12 The Power to Comprehend with All the Saints
13 Tithing
14 Preaching the Atonement
14 Preaching from Memory to Hope

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