4 A Gentle Giant Remembered
When Manute Bol died at age 47 in June 2010, the former NBA star from South Sudan was doing the thing he loved best: helping his beloved people of South Sudan.

9 Christ as the Ultimate Offering
Elliott Daingerfield’s Mural Cycle
at St. Mary’s, Manhattan
By Dennis Raverty
The murals painted by Daingerfield in Saint Mary’s chapel are characterized by the overarching theme of offering — Mary’s offering of song, the Magi’s offering of gifts, our own offerings in the Eucharist, and finally Christ himself, who through his life and by his death becomes the ultimate offering.

14 Let It Be to Me According to Your Word
By Patrick T. Twomey
Part of the deposit of Christian faith is the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

17 The Meaning Is in the Waiting
and Bridges to Contemplative Living with Thomas Merton
Reviewed by Bruce M. Robison
It is for us as for Mary a season of pregnant paradox. How something so big and complicated could have so small a beginning.

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