4 Western New York Elects R. William Franklin as Bishop

5 Benedictine Monastic Community Launched at St. Paul’s, K Street, in Washington, D.C.

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8 What Gentle Anglicanism?
By Mark F.M. Clavier
In some ways, one can look at the history of the Church of England as an almost unremitting debate between those who wish to make some absolute claim about the nature of Anglicanism.

9 The Anglican Covenant Is the Only Way Forward
By Graham Kings
This covenant of unity seeks to hold the Communion together organically in the face of increasing fragmentation.

11 The Lector’s Guide and Commentary on the Revised Common Lectionary: Year A
Reviewed by Charles R. Henery
J. Ted Blakely’s passionate concern is that the public reading of Scripture be reverenced as “a central and vital ministry of the Church.”

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12 Sunday’s Readings