4 South Carolinians ‘Don’t Like Being at War’

8 ‘Look at the Picture You Have’
An Interview with Lord Carey
By Douglas LeBlanc

Our Unity in Christ:
In Support of the Anglican Covenant

12 Rebooting Anglican Communication
By Michael Poon

15 Christ and the Catholic Priesthood
by Matthew Levering
Jesus Our Priest
by Gerald O’Collins and Michael Keenan Jones
Review by Leander S. Harding

17 Founding the Fathers
by Elizabeth A. Clark
Review by Benjamin King

18 The Making of Evangelicalism
by Randall Balmer
From Bible Belt to Sun Belt
by Darren Dochuk
Review by Justus Doenecke

20The Way
directed by Emilio Estevez
Review by Donald Schell

Catholic Voices
OneDay, Two Worlds
By Anthony F.M. Clavier

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28 Sunday’s Readings
30 People & Places