4 Canadian Bishop Questions University Chaplaincy

8 Lessons and Carols as Anglican Treasure
By Daniel H. Martins
In places that have sophisticated musical resources, the Festival of Lessons and Carols is an unparalleled opportunity to really “strut” the gems of the Anglican choral tradition. But it and can also be done quite simply, with familiar hymns and carols that the congregation can sing, and in a variety of musical and ethnic styles.

13 The Persistence of Memory
Why Traditional Anglo-Catholicism Will Abide
By John D. Alexander and Phoebe Pettingell
The term “traditional Anglo-Catholicism” signifies not just a particular position on certain narrowly defined issues such as the ordination of women — these issues change from generation to generation — but rather a comprehensive outlook grounded in a Catholic view of the Christian past and the ecumenical present. We believe that as long as Anglicanism itself survives, new individuals and groups will be drawn to the Anglo-Catholic way.

10 Celebrate the Seasons
and Celebrate Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany
by George Bayley
Review by Walter Knowles
George Bayley, erstwhile director of music at All Saints’ Cathedral, Albany, New York, and St. Peter’s Church in Lewes, Delaware, has given us a look into a working organist-choirmaster’s filing cabinet in these two collections.

11 The Mystical Way in Everyday Life
by Karl Rahner
Review by David M. Baumann

12 This Is My Story, This Is My Song
by Betty Pulkingham
Review by C. Christopher Epting

20 Godspell’s Midlife Crisis
Review by Retta Blaney

Catholic Voices
Occupy Stewardship
By Benjamin D. Grizzle

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