6 A ‘Modern Scriptorium’ Honors Lancelot Andrewes
Traditional Anglican worship has found a new home within Orthodoxy. A growing number of Western-Rite Orthodox parishes and monasteries now exist within the Antiochian Orthodox Church and the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. One of the centers of this movement is St. Mark’s Western Rite Orthodox Church in Denver, and the associated Lancelot Andrewes Press, a publisher of high-quality liturgical and devotional books.

8 Uses and Abuses of the King James Bible
By Mark A. Noll
As was the case in 1911, this 400th anniversary year for the King James Version has brought forth a flood of positive commentary on the style, affect, and influence of this greatest of English-language Bibles. Although I agree wholeheartedly with most of what has been claimed about the beneficent legacy of the Authorized Version, as both a historian and a Christian it has seemed to me that other sides of the King James Version story deserve a hearing.

12 The Anglican Communion: A Brief History Lesson
By Robert W. Prichard
The Episcopal Church did find itself with an independent status as a result of the American Revolution, but the Americans were far more anxious to maintain connections with the English than were the English in preserving ties with the former colonial church.

Catholic Voices
18 The Authority of General Convention: A Conversation
By R. William Franklin and Ephraim Radner
Convened by Daniel H. Martins
Is General Convention, for Episcopalians, tantamount to the sort of “council” that has broad authority to define doctrine, to propound church teaching, and to bind the conscience of the faithful? To address these questions, The Living Church invited two leading teachers in our church to engage in a collegial conversation on the authority of General Convention.

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